Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

about po-co house from CLIMAXXX BLOG! and added by abidjaninski

It seems, former colonies where now due to cultural hybridity and the advent of easily obtainable production software new sounds are combining traditional local elements with house or techno beats.
Baile Funk from the ghettos of Brazil, Coupé Décale from Cote D´Ivoire / Paris, Kudoro from Angola, Bhangra from India and Kwaito from South Africa, are all gaining worldwide recognition due mainly to the Internet changing how we consume music.
We at CLIMAXXX feel it's about time we thought of a name for this style, as I said here, World Music just doesn't cut it. So, ladies and gentlemen, from now on, when someone asks what styles we play, we will be delighted to add......Po-Co House to the list (that's Post Colonial House to the lay person)
While looking through all kinds of blogs confirming my favorite music it makes me sad that still female musicians are very rare! so let´s change it! post and comment as much content you have to make this scene bigger and also female! can´t wait!!

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