Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Uschi Geller has many smiling faces sometimes. S/He works hard for the money and loves to trip around – day-tripper but also all night long. Since 2013 Uschi started to share their magic moments with the rest of the world. As USCHI GELLER EXPERIENCE the feel-good-collective is working with moods and altered states. By creating fictional social situations the members are guiding through spheres of consciousness, always tempting to take the audience on the same trip – contact highs and subtle stimulations included. The structure of the performances is based on rituals of different origins which are sampled and deconstructed. Wilhelm Reichs scientific research on orgone-energy and the psychedelic movement are sources / wishing wells for the scripts as well as shamanistic techniques, whitchcraft and other finer arts. Other important influences are geomancy and queer ecology (like ecosex-movement, dendrophilia…) to discover the vital/sexual-energy- side of botany.
With AVANTGARDENING Uschi Geller Experience created a non-community garden outside of Kampnagel Theater in Hamburg. It is formed like 2 dragons lying on the ground almost in a circle. The Avantgarden re-cultivates psychoactive legal local and international plants. For visitors the Avantgarden offers a comfort-zone for plant-meditation or botanical voguing to recharge your empathy-batteries. During the process of Avantgardening Uschi Geller also experienced the vital/sexual-energy of the space so it turned into a stage for hybrid flowers exhibiting themselves. This project is still growing. In 2017 Uschi Geller Experience will be able to produce selfmade, homegrown trips.

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